We offer quality polygraph examination services. Polygraph examination is a psychophysiological test of deception or recognition sometimes referred to as lie-detection as a term of convenience.

Who is this service for?

All employers can benefit from the use of polygraph testing since they are not immune from people-related risks. Polygraph can produce valid information where all other means of evaluation are incomplete or non-existent.

It also has predictive value, because the most reliable method of predicting future behaviour appears to be consideration of relevant past behaviour.

What does this service offer?

A wide range of technologies is available today to detect deliberate deception. Polygraph testing is the most long-standing one. It works by measuring the physiological changes in the body when the individual being tested is asked certain questions.

What could be addressed?

  • Abuse of Power
  • Commercial Espionage
  • Corruption and Fraud
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Inventory and Monetary Theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Property Damage
  • Substance Abuse

How does it work?

  • Before every polygraph examination, the client should provide the polygraph examiner with a detailed briefing of the case facts and relevant test issues, as well as answer any specific questions the examiner may have. This information is needed to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory and policy standards, as well as to determine if the testing issue is appropriate for application of the polygraph technique.

  • During this phase, the examinee will be given rationale and legal issues associated with the polygraph examination and the nature of the questions that will be asked. The individual will then be asked for his or her consent to take the polygraph. Examiner will explain how the polygraph works, discuss the issue and develop and review all questions to be asked on the polygraph test.

  • During this phase, the examinee will be attached to the polygraph. The set of questions that were developed during the pre-test interview will be asked. These questions are asked while the individual is connected to the polygraph. The polygraph measures changes in heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and sweat and the changes to the individual’s normal rates can indicate the subject is attempting to be deceptive.

  • Once the examiner has collected the polygraph charts he/she will analyse the results before giving a decision as to the subject’s truthfulness or deception to the given issue. If the physiological data show reactions on the part of the examinee to one or more of the questions asked, he or she will be given the opportunity to explain these reactions. If this follow-up interview does not make progress toward resolving the issues, examination will be discontinued.

  • Upon completion of the polygraph examination, the examiner will provide the client with a verbal report. A written report, detailing the information received during the polygraph procedure and the examination result, will follow in a timely manner. Reports are normally released within 2 days of examination.

Lines of service

  • Pre-employment checks allow employers to identify risks associated with an individual before an employment contract is entered into. Areas of inquiry could include, among other things, alcoholism, gambling, poor credit standing, serious emotional problems, discharge from previous works for serious cause, etc.

  • Periodic examinations are those given to all employees, or randomly selected employees, sometime after hire but not in response to any particular incident. Such examinations are viewed as preventive, serving to deter employees from stealing when the opportunity presents itself.

  • This is a specific type of polygraph examination used in security clearance and employment screenings. It covers the topics such as espionage, sabotage, unauthorized disclosure, or removal of classified information, etc.

  • Our clients use this type of examination in response to incidents of internal theft or shortages, the release of restricted plans or secrets, sabotage, cybercrime, vandalism, or other acts of misconduct. A single-issue examination is almost always administered in conjunction with an internal investigation.

  • A polygraph examination may be conducted as a fact-finding procedure in the course of an internal affairs investigation. Our clients use this type of examination if the employee is the primary focus of an investigation, a known witness to an incident, or at the employee's written request.

Remote examinations

We are nostalgic for in-person meetings, which have always been part of our practice. But the advantages in convenience, time-saving and cost-saving of remote services are such that they are a new normal. This is especially so in a time of war.

We have adapted the delivery of our core services (including polygraph) to become virtual. Polygraph testing is currently delivered to corporate clients both online and face to face.

Although there are differences between examinations delivered remotely and in-person, the fundamentals of good practice always apply.

Before booking an in-person appointment, please check ahead that the day is available. The booking calendar shows the availability of our in-person services. Days marked in green are already fully booked. Days marked in red are unavailable (weekends, public holidays). All other days are available.

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Why choose us?

Life-changing decisions may be made following the results of a polygraph test, so you need to make sure you’re choosing an experienced examiner who can deliver accurate results. When you choose Psiwell, you are choosing one of the longest established and most reliable providers of polygraph services in Ukraine.

  • All of the above services are conducted by a psychologist with specialist knowledge in areas related to forensic psychophysiology. Our examiner graduated from an American Polygraph Association accredited polygraph school in the USA. Оver the last seventeen years, he has personally conducted over 2,000 resultative polygraph examinations.

  • We use professional polygraph equipment made by Stoelting and Lafayette Instrument. We update firmware and software regularly to ensure that we deliver the most accurate results.

  • All testing is approached in a professional, non-accusatory, low-profile manner using validated testing formats and in accordance with model policies and best practices.

  • We maintain the high standards of confidentiality in all our dealings with potential, current and past clients.

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