HR consulting

We offer practical advice to businesses and organisations on people-related matters. Service is available on a fixed fee or ad hoc basis.

What we offer?

We offer HR consultancy services ranging from HR strategy development to programme delivery, assurance and governance. You will receive expert advice from consultant, who can support your team or manage the whole process on your behalf.

A consultant may take a role in your organisation, or have an external advisory role depending on what’s best for you. We can apply our own set of frameworks, but we also can work according to your selected methodologies where needed.

Our areas of expertise

  • We help our clients fromulate and implement a data-driven people strategy. No longer based on gut feeling but based on data-driven insights.

  • We find an optimal organisational design for each client, considering the company's strategy, objectives, technology, processes and cultural norms.

  • We help our clients to start building out their HR analytics function or to improve their analytics maturity.

  • We can design the algorithmic decision system (ADS) that will best suit your human resources management needs.

  • Under this service, we provide support, advice and guidance around implementing policies and highlighting issues surrounding mental health and employee wellbeing within your organisation.

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